ASMAT Consignment: ASMAT Roadmap’s Development
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As we know, CRC-ASMAT is currently in the third chapter, namely the development of research center institutions (to see the full CRC-ASMAT roadmap, please go to the following link). For this reason, ASMAT holds a consignment at the Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya, on November 19, 2018.

Consignment begins with reviewing the profile of CRC-ASMAT, why, what, and how this research center exists. At this moment, Mr. Djoko explained three fundamental fundamentals, there were serving each other, intelligent fellowships, and personal integrity for the unity of the group. With a distributed leadership system that has three components, themes or topics, researchers, and fields or expertise, CRC-ASMAT in the future always has harmony and sustainability.

Consignment continued with discussion, Mr. Sholeh, one of the participants, emphasized the importance of products from the research center. CRC should have real output and outcomes in order to achieve sustainability. He also suggested building a strong collaboration with various parties, of course in terms of resolving complex problems that occur in society.