Since 2004, pilot research group development activities have been carried out. Starting from the visit of Prof. T. Aizawa and Dr. Hiroshi Sano from AsiaSEED-Japan in 2003 at Brawijaya University, several lecturers, especially from FMIPA and the Faculty of Engineering, were interested in collaborating with Prof. Aizawa. This desire is responded by regular visits every semester in the context of guest lectures and pilot research and education collaboration. In addition, international research collaboration was carried out with Prof. Shoji Motomizu (Okayama University), Dr. Yoshiaki Furusho (GL. Sciences), and Prof. Tomonari Umemura (EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University; currently Prof. Umemura is in charge of the Tokyo University of Pharmacy). Based on the sharing, it began to step in to formulate the direction of the research and the form of cooperation. Summary of activities in the 2003-2014 period. This collaboration that has been going on and continues to be developed is one of the more values that it has.

Based on these pilot activities in 2011 the Environmentally Benign Material and Manufacturing group was developed into:

Pusat Penelitian Teknologi Sistem dan Material Maju
Research Center for Advanced System and Material Technology

Furthermore, in this document, the research center will be referred to as ASMAT.