Guest Lecture Prof. T. Aizawa (SIT, Japan)
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The ASMAT research group invited Prof. Tatsuhiko Aizawa (SIT, Japan) as a guest speaker at the Guest Lecture at the Physics Building, FMIPA-UB on August 5 -7, 2019. The theme presented at this guest lecture was about plasma technology and its application as well as thermoelectric materials and fabrication. As a result of this activity, there was a discussion on the sustainability of the Hybrid-Twinning Program with SIT.

This activity is directed and focused on developing the insights of the ASMAT research group and students involved in it about the development of scientific research abroad so as to improve the quality of research carried out by the ASMAT group and build international research collaboration.

The Opportunities to conduct international research collaboration are increasingly wide open in the field of plasma technology and applications which include Low-temperature plasma nitriding of austenite stainless steels and Controlled post-treatment of thick CVD-diamond coatings by high-density plasma oxidation for the sustainability of the Hybrid-Twinning Program with the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan.