“Logic for Management Strategy” Workshop by Hiroshi Morita (Nano Film and Coat Laboratory LLC, Japan)
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The “Logic for Management Strategy” Workshop activity by Hiroshi Morita (Nano Film and Coat Laboratory LLC), Japan was held on August 5 – 7, 2019 at the Meeting Room of the Accounting Department FEB UB 2nd Floor, Universitas Brawijaya. This program intended to increase the quality of publications is directly proportional to the number of citations of scientific work. Of 113 international journals produced by the ASMAT group, 744 times have been cited (source scopus.com). The ratio between the number of publications to the number of citations is 1: 7 reflects that the quality of research still needs to be improved and international recognition that requires more intensive effort.

This workshop is the first step of the ASMAT Research Center in accommodating the transfer of knowledge between the Research Center with managerial foreign experts involving students. In addition, this activity opens opportunities for collaborative research collaboration with related research institutions as partners so that the direction and objectives of the ASMAT Research Center will be more focused and focused. On this occasion, opportunities were open for S2 or S3 students to carry out research internships in accordance with related topics.

This collaborative visit accommodates the sharing of knowledge and experience in technology and research culture that has the potential to improve the quality of research at the ASMAT Research Center. Then, this activity adds networking from the ASMAT Research Center so as to increase the quality potential of research both lecturers and students later.