Collaborative Research Centre for Advanced System and Material Technology is interdiciplinary research group which include physic, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering. We have focus on the development of advanced system and material technology for application in many sector such as medical, environmental, industrial and energy. How to achieve this goal? ASMAT strategy is developing science to create new technology and applying the technology into advanced engineering. Currently, we have several research projects for example Low Vacuum Plasma Deposition, QCM Sensor, Metal Joining Technique, Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery and also Polymer-based Materials for Bioapplication.

Advanced System and Material are great factors for current and future technology. Both need collaborative works among scientists and engineers. We are mented in ASMAT to achieve our goal on the development of system and material.

ASMAT dream is to be developing advanced system and materials for the shake of humanity and environment. What we meant by advanced? That means is the technologies that we are developed by the concept of complexity we found in nature. Nanotechnology for example is one of the complexity that we can find abundantly in nature, so let nature be our teacher.