Educational Expo on 32nd Anniversary of FMIPA UB
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The ASMAT research center received an invitation to participate in the 32th Anniversary Expo FMIPA-UB. Furthermore, the team from ASMAT prepared exhibition materials for posters, tools/instruments to be exhibited, and booklets as a means of promoting research groups.

Educational Expo activities in the framework of the 32nd Anniversary of FMIPA UB which was held in the MIPA-Center Building, FMIPA, UB on 10 – 11 August 2019 several research results instruments were exhibited such as the 2nd generation contact angle measurement and the 14 kHz plasma CVD system. Several research posters have also been exhibited at the event. One of the results of this activity is the input and suggestions for the development of research from research groups towards military equipment. Input from non-academic and academic communities obtained from this activity will be able to further spur the development of research groups.