Research Assistant Recruitment 2019

Dear Colleague, as part of the implementation of “Grant Empowerment of Study Center and Study Group UB 2019”, the Collaborative Research Center for Advanced System and Material Technology (CRC-ASMAT) open recruitment for research assistants program which will be funded for one semester started from August to November 2019. Eligible candidates are postgraduate students (S2/S3) who are actively studying in the semester. A selection of the candidates will be conducted internally.

The candidates should be proposed by supervisors which are the member of CRC ASMAT UB. Themes or Topics of research include:

– Nanomaterial and system,
– Advance manufacturing,
– Plasma technology,
– Smart system,
– Sustainable technology system,
– Thin film and surface technology, and
– Transducer and functional system.

An application letter (template here)  should be submitted by the supervisors informing a qualified candidate. A research roadmap of the supervisor is necessary for the successful application. Requirements for students are:

Curriculum vitae with photograph
Academic transcripts (KHS)
Student statement (template here)
Short/brief research proposal

Please submit before 25th September 2019
Candidate must submit online registration here

For more information please contact:

Ms. Raeni +6282141721627