Dear Colleague, as part of the implementation of “Grant Empowerment of Study Center and Study Group UB 2018”, the Collaborative Research Center for Advanced System and Material Technology (CRC-ASMAT) open a recruitment for research assistants programme which will be funded for one semester started from August to November 2018. Eligible candidates are postgraduate students (S2/S3) who are actively studying in the semester. A selection of the candidates will be conducted internally.

The candidates should be proposed by supervisors which are the member of CRC ASMAT UB. Themes or Topics of research include:

– Nanomaterial and system,
– Advance manufacturing,
– Plasma technology,
– Smart system,
– Sustainable technology system,
– Thin film and surface technology, and
– Transducer and functional system.

An application letter (hyperlink) should be submitted by the supervisors informing a qualified candidate. A research roadmap of the supervisor is necessary for the successful application. Requirements for students are:

Curriculum vitae with photograph
Academic transcripts (KHS)
Student statement (hyperlink)
Short/brief research proposal

For more information please contact:

Ms. Raeni (+6282141721627)
Ms. Sukma (+6287859256246)


Downloadable material: