Collaboration Visit to PPNN Research Institute and Electronic Material Physics Lab at ITB
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Efforts to improve the quality of ASMAT group research through the establishment of cooperation with research institutions. On November 21, 2018, the ASMAT Research Center visited the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Center (PPNN) and proceeded to the Electronic Materials Physics Lab on ITB. The presence of the ASMAT Research Center delegation was well received by Prof. Dr. Eng. Khairurrijal M.Sc. as Chair of LPPM ITB, Dr. Eng. Ferry Iskandar M.Eng as the representative of PPNN, and Dhewa Edikresnha Bc.Eng., M.Sc. as a representative of the Electronic Materials Physics Lab.

This step was carried out by ASMAT in opening opportunities for collaboration with partners in the hope that the ASMAT Research Center would be more focused and directed. On this occasion, postgraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research that is compatible with related topics. Through this activity, of course, cooperation between institutions can be used to share knowledge and answer challenges that exist in society.